we speak fireworks


You know sometimes our actions they join hands and they become behaviors that are too complicated for lips to say out-loud, so instead we just liberate our flesh letting skin speak on our behalf the language of those who are just as afraid of commitment as they are of being alone and we speak it like it’s our native tongue.

Honestly, I can’t tell you her favorite color, her middle name, or what her face looks like with the lights on. All I know is that we are both allergic to the exact same things; things like compliments, like the word beautiful, like someone saying I love you with arms full of acceptance and sincerity on their breath. Most days I wonder what she carries in the luggage underneath her eyes, I wonder if those bags ever get too heavy for her face but instead I let those questions sandcastle inside of my stomach

I amputate the parts of me that are growing fond of her smell and I wash my sheets.

And I think to myself, you know, most men are proud of things like this.


Rudy Francisco, Lopsided (via xxthewicked-seunghyun)


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"She has a walk that can make an atheist believe in God just long enough to say ‘Goddamn’"

Rudy Francisco, A Lot Like You (via jaspreetgill)


"I was told
The average girl begins to plan her wedding at the age of 7
She picks the colors and the cake first

By the age of 10 
She knows time,
And location

By 17 
She’s already chosen a gown
2 bridesmaids
And a maid of honor

By 23 
She’s waiting for a man
Who wont break out in hives when he hears the word “commitment”
Someone who doesn’t smell like a Band-Aid drenched in lonely
Someone who isn’t a temporary solution to the empty side of the bed
Who’ll hold her hand like it’s the only one they’ve ever seen

To be honest
I don’t know what kind of tux I’ll be wearing
I have no clue what my wedding will look like

But I imagine
The women who pins my last name to hers
Will butterfly down the aisle
Like a 5 foot promise

I imagine
Her smile
Will be so large that you’ll see it on google maps
And know exactly where our wedding is being held

The woman that I plan to marry
Will have champagne in her walk
And I will get drunk on her footsteps

When the pastor asks
If I take this woman to be my wife
I will say yes before he finishes the sentence
I’ll apologize later for being impolite
But I will also explain to him
That our first kiss happened 6 years ago
And I’ve been practicing my “Yes”
For the past 2, 165 days

When people ask me about my wedding
I never really know what to say
But when they ask me about my future wife
I always tell them
Her eyes are the only Christmas lights that deserve to be seen all year long
I say
She thinks too much
Misses her father
Loves to laugh
And she’s terrible at lying
Because her face never figured out how to do it correctly

I tell them
If my alarm clock sounded like her voice
My snooze button would collect dust
I tell them

If she came in a bottle
I would drink her until my vision is blurry and my friends take away my keys
If she was a book

I would memorize her table of contents
I would read her cover-to-cover
Hoping to find typos

Just so we can both have a few things to work on

Because aren’t we all unfinished?
Don’t we all need a little editing?
Aren’t we all waiting to be proofread by someone?
Aren’t we all praying they will tell us that we make sense
She don’t always make sense
But her imperfections are the things I love about her the most

I don’t know when I will be married
I don’t know where I will be married
But I do know this
Whenever I’m asked about my future wife

I always say
…She’s a lot like you


Rudy Francisco (via katcossio)

"I knew she was trouble the moment she handed me the scissors and whispered, ‘undress me’."

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